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Retirement and Superannuation Planning

At WealthVisory, we provide a range of financial advisory services to our clients. Our services aim to help our clients to better understand their own finances, future goals, and retirement options. Our highly-experience financial advisors and planners have extensive financial knowledge which can be tailored to suit financial situations of all kinds.

Understanding the complexities associated with superannuation, self-managed superannuation funds, income streaming, insurances, and investment strategies isn’t easy. With a WealthVisory financial advisor, it can be. 

Our experts provide a clear understanding of your current financial situation and provide you with the tools and information needed to create and meet your financial goals. To find out more about the excellent financial advisory and planning services that we provide, get in touch with us today.

Have you come into a lump sum of money? Planning on investing a lump sum is a great way to boost your capital investment amount. There are a range of investment options that you can consider depending on your current financial situation and your financial goals. Property, shares, or a managed fund can be a great investment choice for a lump sum investment.
Generally speaking, no, you won’t be able to choose which companies a managed fund invests your funds into. When you place your trust in a fund manager, you are doing so with the knowledge that they know what they are doing and what types of investments are the most likely to yield a return. If you are unsure about investing into a managed fund, you can also look into direct share investments. Direct share investments give you more freedom to invest in shares that interest you, however, if you’re not overly confident or knowledgeable when it comes to the share market, a managed fund could be the perfect solution.

Portfolio management and wealth accumulation

Building an investment portfolio is something that can significantly increase your wealth. Investment portfolios are made up of various investment channels. Most investors branch into property, shares, managed funds or margin loans to increase their capital. 

Our financial investment experts know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to investment strategies. That’s why so many of our clients trust our financial experts to manage their investment portfolios. Our team can guide you through setting realistic investment goals to increase your overall position and plan for your future.

Managed funds

A managed fund involves gathering funds from different investors which is then invested and controlled by a fund manager, similar to that of a superannuation fund. Different managed funds have different assets which you can invest in such as bonds, shares, property, equity, mortgage and alternative investments. 

All managed funds assume varied risks depending on the asset type. We take the hard work out of investing into a managed fund. Our trusted fund manager can invest your funds on your behalf with your financial goals in mind. We currently manage in excess of 50 million dollars’ worth of client funds, which have yielded excellent returns for our clients.

Margin loans / Gearing strategies

A margin loan (or gearing strategy) is a loan which is borrowed with the sole purpose of investing it. Margin loans are generally used for investments into shares or property when a person doesn’t have the capital they need to rely on their own funds. Margin loans can be a high-risk investment strategy, but with the right advice, you can make it work for you. 

We can provide you with advice and strategies that you can implement in order to get the best return from your investment. If gearing strategies aren’t researched and set-up with all considerations in mind, they can be extremely volatile, and you run the risk of losing money on your investment. Losing money on a loaned investment is something that can be extremely financially detrimental to any investor. 

At WealthVisory, our highly researched and educational advice will give you the confidence to better your investment strategies.

Direct shares

Investing into shares directly is a great way to keep control over your investments. That said, it is recommended that you maintain a diverse investment portfolio to cover potential losses. Investing into direct shares allows you to choose companies which you support or believe in. 

At WealthVisory, we can point you in the right direction when it comes to investing into shares. We can provide you with advice and information about the share market, market trends, and brokerage fees. Understanding how to buy and sell shares directly will allow you to apply that information into your investment strategy so that you can capitalise on your investment. 

Don’t get caught out in a bad investment. Seek some advice from a professional investment consultant to get the advice and information you need to trade shares with confidence.

Fixed interest

Fixed interest investments are generally lower risk strategies which involve investing a set sum of money into a term-deposit bond or trust with the promise of an increased interest return. The interest return is generally only paid once the term has finished. Fixed interest investments are a good strategy for safe investors as they assume a lower risk compared to other investment types. 

This means they also don’t yield very high returns in comparison to other investment strategies. We can help to decide if a fixed interest investment is the right solution for you based on your age, financial situation, and your long-term financial goals. We can also discuss other investment options which could be suitable for your long-term investment goals.


When thinking of investments, not many people think about their superannuation. Your superannuation is being constantly invested, even as we speak. The reason that your superannuation is able to multiply the funds that are being deposited is due to its investments into cash, bonds and shares. 

Not all funds are geared in the same way. Some people maintain a lower risk fund, whilst others maintain a higher risk fund with the hope of a higher return. You can choose to make additional contributions to your superannuation to increase your overall position when you retire and reduce your taxable income. 

We can provide you with advice on setting up a strategy through your superannuation that suits your financial and retirement goals. Understanding your superannuation, and how it works for you can allow you to make decisions on how you’d like to manage it. Our authorised self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) advisor can also provide you with information on getting the best out of your superannuation or advice on setting up a SMSF.

Investment property strategies

Are you planning on getting into the property market? Without the right direction or advice, your property investment dreams can quickly turn into financial nightmares. Investing into property, if done the right way, can lead to great financial gains. 

Our investment experts provide excellent property investment advice to novice investors all the way up to expert investors. We provide information about mortgages, property types, fees and what to expect from your investment. 

To reduce your potential losses and increase your chance of making a return on your property investment, talk to a professional at WealthVisory today.


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